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Pasudeco & Co. Holdings Corp.

Investments Wanted

"Oxygen and profit are both necessary for survival, but neither will give life meaning."

We are looking for investments in companies that meet the following criteria:

1) A business that improves the health of the planet or its people, or automates.

2) Has generated a steady stream of cash for at least a year (at least p12 million of annual revenue)

3) Requires little debt and exhibits returns on equity of at least 10%

4) Good management teams (we are not interested in managing)

5) An offering price (no hostile takeovers)

If you have a business in need of investors, please write to us. We are happy to share our resources to make sure you succeed as long as you meet our criteria. We aim to be your most helpful investors and encourage you to ask the managers of our portfolio companies about their experience working with us.

to get in touch, email us at

to help create a better world, plant a tree